Yangon is famous for hotels that are very suitable for formal and informal activities. As with sacred events such as wedding ceremonies, many of the best facilities offered by hotels in Myanmar.

One of the best Wedding Hotel Yangon that has been trusted with its quality is the Mercure Yangon Kaba Aye. Mercure Yangon Kaba Aye is the largest hotel in Myanmar. In this place, your dream wedding is guaranteed to be very satisfying.

At the wedding, people do have different concepts. A wedding concept can influence many aspects, such as wedding decorations. Nowadays, many couples want to have a vintage rustic concept. This concept is using pine trees. this decoration style utilizes properties that are contrary to traditional styles. However, even this considered unique, this concept doesn’t cost a lot. Another concept that is great in demand is a wedding full of flowers. This concept means the entire ballroom to the aisle will be filled with flowers to give classic and romantic impressions.

Weddings at the hotel are considered more accessible to guests than in a multi-purpose building because guests will be familiar with the name of the hotel used for the reception. The advantage of holding a wedding at a hotel is that it seems more luxurious, free to choose the dream vendor and more flexible preparation. When deciding to hold a wedding at the hotel, the bride and groom must also consider several things. Many aspects to consider are like building location, the price of rental rates, survey the conditions of the building, looking for details of suitable vendor partners, and also paying DP. The choice of reception themes can be made indoors or outdoors. Therefore, do not hesitate if you held your wedding at the Yangon hotel. This hotel gives the best quality of the wedding hotel and matches your budget. Your satisfaction will be the pride of the hotel.