Ha Long, Vietnam (25th April 2012) – Launched in late December 2011, Paradise Peak is the ninth boat of Paradise Cruises, Five Star Cruise Company based in Tuan Chau Island at the doorstep of Halong Bay. Placing itself at the top end of luxury cruising in the Bay of Descending Dragons, Paradise Peak has been designed to offer an experience that has no equal in the area and definitely proved it only a few weeks after it started sailing by setting a unique check-in/check-out time for its privileged guests.

While all overnight cruises in Halong Bay begin around 12.30 and end around 10.30am after check-out, the Paradise Peak is now setting sail at 3.30pm and returns to the harbour at 1.30pm and, out of almost 200 overnight boats circling the World Heritage Site, is the only one to do so. “No cutting short on time and services” the management of Paradise Cruises asserts, “but a landscape free of the crowds one usually cannot escape when visiting Vietnam’s most famous landmark, and no necessity to wake up at the break of dawn in Hanoi and onboard. In short: more exclusivity, more comfort: a truly luxury and truly unique cruising experience in Halong Bay”.

After being welcome in the Paradise lounge which receives them three hours later than the passengers of the other Paradise boats, the Paradise Peak’s guests make their way across the fantastic scenery in perfect peace and intimacy onboard extremely refined facilities. “Visitors to Halong have dreamt for years to be able to have the bay for themselves, and enjoy this magnificent place feeling like there is no one else in the world” mentions Jonas Hjerpe, Cruise Director of the lavish vessel.

Halong Bay Onboard

The new schedule also avoids the inconvenience of forcing visitors to the Bay to become early birds to hit the road at dawn when departing from Hanoi and, while onboard, to take part in the usual very early morning activities offered. “Halong Bay is either one of their first or last visits in Vietnam. In both cases, guests are usually quite tired by their flight or their eventful journey across the country. Halong should primarily offer relaxation”, explains Mr Hjerpe, “but no one else in the Bay really provided a fully soothing stay before the Peak. We do not only care about the quality of the experience onboard; we are also concerned about everything it involves.”

Peak is furthermore the only non-private boat of the bay with a customisable itinerary. On the first day of cruising, although the emphasis is laid on enjoying the scenery relishing in the extravagant facilities, a selection of activities is available. In the morning, guests have the choice between different excursions where they will be escorted by their personal butlers who have a deep knowledge of the area and can provide them with priceless information and stories. Different cruising possibilities are also offered for passengers staying more than one night.

“We have vowed to offer pure enchantment to the passengers of the Peak and will continue innovating to make sure we achieve this target at all times”, declares Mr Hjerpe. “Paradise Cruises has always aimed at providing luxury cruising experiences in Halong Bay and Paradise Peak is meant to go even further. We are determined to create onboard the Peak a world of pure imagination.”

Paradise Peak boasts 8 suites of 38m?? to 42m?? and facilities worthy of a luxury resort such as the only Fitness corner and onboard Library of the bay, two massage rooms, two Jacuzzi, a sauna, a room dedicated to beauty treatments and feet massage, an elegant and cosy dining-room on the third deck and an outside bar. The experience offered combines a very personalised and dedicated service and an entirely tailor-made cruising thanks to the customisable itinerary, the “a la carte” dining and the large range of possible activities onboard.