The first thing you need to know before deciding which courier service you will use is the legality of the freight forwarding company. Make sure that the legality permit from the company is still active. It means that the goods you send are guaranteed to arrive safely to the destination. If you are looking for a reliable company in terms of shipping goods, Rhenus Lupprians is the answer. For more information, you can visit the website


You need to know that not all goods and delivery services provide the shipping route you need.

Many freight forwarding companies have limitations in the process of shipping, mainly if the destination address is located in remote areas.


As an online business, determining freight forwarding services, especially those related to affordable prices, is quite complicated. Therefore, you need to be more careful in comparing the difference in shipping costs set by the freight forwarding service company.


Usually, consumers often feel worried waiting for the arrival of the package they ordered. Therefore, they are curious about the status and current position of the goods purchased.

To increase the trust in your professionalism as an online seller, you should choose a courier service with tracking features.

Diverse Package Delivery Options

You should also pay attention to the delivery options offered. At present, in general, almost all freight forwarding services provide any package delivery, from electronic goods to glassware.

Also, try to work with 2 to 4 freight forwarding companies. You need to do this to anticipate the worst case, in case your favourite company goes bankrupt.

Provides Goods Safety Guarantee

Choosing a freight forwarding service that offers a guarantee for the safety of the goods is important.

This guarantee functions to keep safe any valuable and fragile goods you send. Safety and security should be your main concern.

Usually, the shipping service company will provide several offers for the security of goods.