Diving is a fun activity. You have the chance to see animals under the sea. Maybe you have been diving a lot, or perhaps you have been to Liveaboard Diving Thailand. Do you know that there are diving terms? To complete your knowledge about diving, let’s refer to the following review.

1. Scuba Diving: Diving with complete and professional diving equipment is called SCUBA (Self Breathing Underwater Breathing Apparatus).

2. Skin Diving / Free Diving: Diving with only basic diving equipment, such as snorkels, masks, and fins. This type of diving does not use oxygen cylinders for breathing.

3. Wet Suit: Clothes used for diving made from neoprene material that has air voids. This clothing serves to protect your body from scratches and maintain your body temperature during diving.

4. Nitrox Diving: Just like scuba diving, nitrox diving also uses complete diving equipment. The difference is that there are more oxygen and nitrogen in the cylinder so that you can dive for more extended periods.

5. BCD (Buoyancy Compensator Device): A vest worn for diving, which contains a water cell, serves to help regulate buoyancy during diving.

6. Fins: Usually called frog legs that function to facilitate your movement while in the water.

7. Snorkel: A pipe-shaped breathing apparatus used to take a breath without lifting the head out of the water.

8. Regulator: A tool that changes the high air pressure on the air tube to lower air pressure according to your needs.

9. Pressure Gauge: An air pressure gauge in the tube.

10. Depth Gauge: To measure the depth when diving.

11. Weight Belt: Weight belt functions to regulate buoyancy to help you dive down.

12. Tank Valve: A device mounted on the mouth of an air tube. It functions as the opening and closing of the airflow from inside the tube.

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