Are you looking for an exotic date with the love of your life? Have you ever thought about having a memorable honeymoon at the dessert? Rajasthan is the location where you can get a memorable honeymoon time with your spouse. The essence of desserts, exotic cuisines as well as the nightlife of the state is enough to make your honeymoon special and memorable. Rajasthan is the land with full of desserts, passion and love.

Reason to Select Rajasthan as Honeymoon Spot

Most of the couple’s select Rajasthan as their honeymoon destination due to the exotic nightlife of it. Couples can have candlelight dinner or a peaceful night at the camp in the middle of a dessert. Historical palaces, desserts make it more romantic. To remove the tiredness of marriage, young couples can visit the place once to celebrate their marriage. Theessence of Rajasthan and the smell of chapattis you going to remember forever.

Places to Visit in Rajasthan?

There is more than one beautiful location

In the desert city that can make your honeymoon memorable and romantic. You can go at the places of Rajasthan, to make your experience memorable.


However, most hotels and restaurants offer nice foods and good varieties as well, and an example is the NahargarhRanthambore hotel that has a nice restaurant offering delicious dishes. Other notable locations are the Indian Spice Family restaurant, Wild Dragon Dhaba, and Right Trigger Print Restaurant. The option of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies is available in these restaurants that visitors can enjoy with relish.
Honeymoon couples who visit the SawaiMadhopur will have a remarkable range of activities in the city, including numerous activities to enjoy with your spouse. But the icing on the cake is the exotic nightlife that entices the young couples and honeymooners who are still single.

Incredible place on earth – Pokhran, a must-visit place is a desert city, situated in Rajasthan, the land of sands and also referred to with the name” the city of five mirages.” It is popular as the favorite destination of the Honeymoon couples. Delving in the sands of Rajasthan, it is a peaceful and cultured town that serves as an ideal and an amazing spot for tourists who have come out of their abodes to have a relaxed holiday or an unhurried vacation or romantic date in this sandy region. You will notice the place blends every region with people with traditions and modern ideas, thereby providing a peaceful and serene living. Every spot here has something in it to express and share with you.
While moving around the place with passion and eagerness to explore every corner of Pokhran, you need to remember that the town has many Havelis which you can visit and are must to see locations which are considered as the best and second tourist destination where you find a good collection of pottery, costumes, weapons of the Rajput times and the cenotaphs which are carved in a complex way throughout the town. A holiday to the Pokhran will be like a feather in the cap of your interesting vacations. A land of inspiring wonders, your trip to Pokhran is incomplete unless you visit and view some of the most amazing places over there, which are responsible for flora and fauna of the region. In addition to this, Pokhran fort, which was built in the 14th century, Patwonki Haveli, Baba Ramdev temple famous as Ramdevara and the yearly fair at the temple between August- Septembers is very interesting to visit and Pokhran museum which is rich with every culture and traditional art piece of the Rajputs clan. Thanks to the frequent power cuts in the area, which lets the diners enjoy candlelight dinner with their spouse and friends as the perfect end of the day with a mix of different foods in a variety of styles.  The local food, which is the vyanjan of the place, is absolutely excellent and so good, which no one hesitates to taste and enjoy!

Leaving Pokhran without enjoying the nightlife over there is something which does not sense as you were on a trip to such an attractive region. The nightlife here is the folk dances and songs by tribal people and residents in the desert area who perform in local music and attract the crowds. Be a part of it, and take some steps to make you feel a part of the dance troupe. The essence of nightlife will help you and your partner to refresh your journey.


Call it a land of forts or a Royal place, Kumbhalgarh city never loses its charm of royal look. However, it has evolved historically and culturally; it has always tried to preserve its outstanding heritage and breathtaking forts, which are unique in their way, with nothing similar to it in comparison.  Located to the south of Rajasthan, it is a charming city which is well known for exotic views and historical episodes that let the tourists enjoy amazing vacations and explore nearby places which are Co-related to Kumbhalgarh. When you tour the city through a camel ride or other means of modernized transport and pass from the banks of River Banas, for sure, you will fall in love with the land of forts and palaces which have a chronicle to express in it.
Ranakpur Jain temple, Badal Mahal, Kumbhalgarh Fort, NeelkanthMahadev Temple, Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary are the main attractions that visit Kumbhalgarh complete and more fascinating. The royal art and architecture, culture, tradition, and the interesting facts of this excellent place remind you of the rule of kings responsible for the colossal fort of the Rajput dynasty. Being the birthplace of the great combatant of Mewar, MaharanaPratap, it boasts of many carved temples which represent the marvels of artistry. A simple plan of yours to this amazing destination will let you enjoy every sight and make your trip memorable. As honeymoon is the most memorable journey of every person, you can create an extra touch in it by adding some essence of Indian history of your married life.

Walking on the sands of Kumbhalgarh makes you fall in love with the place. The nightlife is very interesting, and the most important is the GherGhoomer event, which is celebrated with a lot of fun fare by local people. You get to see the young tribal women and men dancing on the captivating tunes of drums by splashing colored water on each other with folk songs before Chamunda Devi Temple. As the festival is for centuries, every time, you watch it creates a lot of interest to join the crowd and enjoy the nightlife. If you are a romantic person, you can always visit desserts to have some different experience in you life.


Jaisalmer is the city of dessert, the main attraction of the city is Jaisalmer fort which is also known as the golden Fort of India. Most of the couples visits this place to stay one night at the Thor dessert.Most of the travel agencies includes the night stay package at the dessert as a part of their honeymoon packages. The night view of thedessert will amaze you and your spouse. The romantic nights you will have at the dessert you are going to remember it for a long time. If you are a romantic person, you can definitely choose the Jaisalmer once. If you visit the place in the night of December, you will be able to experience a comfortable weather here. At night the dessert becomes warmer where the winds which passes through the dessert remains colder which creates an extra ordinary experience to the tourists. The view of the dessert will create a lot of memories which will cherish forever. The sun rise moment will also amaze you and your partner. To visits Jaisalmer, you can take a car from Jaipur; it is going to be the best moment of your honeymoon. In roadway you will be able to see peacocks, snacks and many animals coming from the dessert land. It may happen a team of camels can come across to you when you passing by a village. Really, the place has become the queen of desserts due to its beauty.

Opt. Rajasthan as your Honeymoon Destination

Rajasthan is the ultimate place where you can spend some romantic time with your spouse, from a romantic sunrise view from a haveli to a romantic candlelight dinner at dessert. Rajasthan is covered with amusements. If you want to spend a romantic honeymoon instead of an adventurous one, you can choose Rajasthan. The perfect silence of dessert will help you and your spouse to know about each other more. There will be no intruders who will disturb you, so spend more time with your spouse and have a special honeymoon date with your loved one.  There are more than one travel and tourism companies remains present who provides best romantic packages in India. If you are dessert lover or a fort lover you can must visit Rajasthan once.

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