Being pregnant is a wonderful feeling a woman could ever have is a myth! While there are many out there waiting to see two red lines on their pregnancy test, others dread to hear the news. When it comes pregnancy, there should be a choice given to her because it is her body and her life – and not just the life of the newborn!

With that being said, Motherhood has a lot of great things to offer to a woman. She becomes stronger than she had ever imagined. She evolves into a different person altogether for better. However, all these emotions and feelings start with two red lines first. If you’re someone who is unsure of whether to continue with the pregnancy or not, you’re at the right place.

Here you will learn about different options you can consider for an unplanned pregnancy,

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The first step

Unplanned pregnancy can change emotions and situations in a blink of an eye. However, you need to be composed and focus on what you need. Your feelings can be very confusing. What seemed like a piece of cake for you make you feel anxious right now. It is totally okay to feel that way until you are not letting those scary thoughts get to your head.

Pregnancy causes jeopardy in every relationship and can bring you a sense of cold feet to wonder if you’re fit to become a parent. You first step here is not to make any decisions but to acknowledge and accept the facts and current situation. You are not a bad person who made bad choices! Always remember to be kind to yourself and allow permission to think beyond other people’s thoughts and beliefs.

The outcomes

To put it simply, pregnancy will either lead to termination or childbirth. When you are asked to weigh the options, you need to consider what all do you have like,

  • Continuing with the pregnancy and leading it to the childbirth
  • Continuing the pregnancy that leads to adoption or other care
  • Terminating the pregnancy within given time

For the first option, question yourself whether you are prepared enough. Are you mentally and physically fit? Do you have a partner who will help you with the childcare and raising them? How financially secure are you to manage the overall expenses? There is no obligation to answer the question, but you need to understand if you can manage answering these questions with actions in future.

And, if you choose for adoption then are you sure of giving the baby up to someone else to care? Will you be able to take the physical and emotional responsibility of the future consequences?

Thinking of termination will also require you to ask question like will you body be fit enough to bear a pregnancy when you decide to? Consult a doctor and check your health to determine the fertility and its quality. Even after termination, you will be required to take care of your body until its healthy.

Final thoughts

Post-partum depression has become a norm amongst the new generation mothers due to acute lifestyle stress and limited help. However, this shouldn’t be your deciding factor to not to choose pregnancy. There are several happy stories of woman out there who found a true meaning to their existence because of childbearing. Instead of deciding in haste on your own – take a deep breath and speak to your loved one. It will give you enough clarity to move forward.