After enjoying the beauty of Mount Bromo, don’t forget to stop by to buy souvenirs. Available potato chips to healthy natural honey.

One of the best sunrise views in Indonesia is in Mount Bromo. The mountain is administratively located in four districts namely Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Malang, and Lumajang. Like other tourist attractions, the area that is now included in the management of Mount Bromo National Park, Tengger has several unique snacks that can be used as souvenirs for tourists.


Originating from Probolinggo, POKAK is famous as a rich spice drink with a myriad of benefits. Made from lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, kaffir lime, fragrant pandanus, and sugar. The color is bright brown with a fragrant scent of pandan.
Processed POKAK in the form of syrup and a hot drink. Once drunk, both leave a warm and spicy trail on the tongue. Suitable for drinks in cold regions like Bromo. Besides warming the body, the benefits of POKAK include coughing, treating colds, and lowering cholesterol levels.

Ginger chips

Still from the area around Lumajang, there are ginger chips which are also souvenirs typical of Bromo. Made from ginger and coconut with spicy savory flavors.

Therefore suitable for warming the body from the cold Bromo air piercing. One of the centers of production of ginger chips is in the village of Pasrujambe, Lumajang. Some Small and Medium Enterprises there routinely produce it.

Potato chips

The color is milky white, wide in size, and the texture is crispy. That is typical of Bromo potato chips which are widely produced in Probolinggo. To produce quality potato chips, super quality potatoes are needed, but the price is more expensive. There are cheaper options with the use of regular potatoes. But the size is small and brownish white. Besides being tasty, potato chips are preferred because they are low in cholesterol but high in calories.

Pure honey

Honey has long been known to be rich in properties. Many regions in Indonesia produce good quality pure honey. Like honey from the Bromo mountain forest in Pasuruan. Honey is good for routine consumption to maintain health while overcoming several health problems such as mouth sores, immunity, and so on.

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