Entering the rainy season, tourists often delay and rearrange their vacation schedule to Bali. But in fact, you can still enjoy Bali even though it is deluged by high Bali rainfall.

There are still many places that can be visited and give a charge of cheerfulness. You just need to wear a raincoat, bring an umbrella, visit the tourist spot, and have fun there. These are some of the exciting tourist places in Bali to visit during rainy season:

  1. Temple

One of the beauty and attractiveness of Bali is the temple architecture. This place is very suitable to be visited during the rainy season because the uniqueness and beauty of the temple will not fade in the pouring rain. You can come to various temple locations such as Tanah Kota Temple, Ulun Lake Bratan Temple, and Uluwatu Temple.  Each building gives its own attraction though it is splashed with rain.

  1. Ayung River

When the rain comes, visiting rivers in Bali for rafting would be a good choice to enjoy your vacation.  One of the rafting spots which is often visited is the Ayung River, Ubud. You can try this sport as it is an exciting and unforgettable sensation of tourism under the pouring rain.

However, you need to be careful of the intensity of water debit and rainfall. Don’t push yourself to come if the rainfall is high and the water discharge is rising.

  1. Traditional Balinese Art Market

A tourist spot in Bali that is never short of guests during rainfall is the Balinese Traditional Art Market. This market offers impressive views of traditional souvenirs displays such as accessories, handicrafts, patterned fabrics, and etc. If you like shopping, this spot is the best place to find Balinese souvenirs.

Despite the rainy season, buying and selling activities at this Traditional Art Market are still busy. As a suggestion, you need to have bargaining expertise to help you get the right price on this market. The most popular art markets that are often the target of collectors include; the Ubud art market, the Sukawati market, and the Kuta market.

  1. Monkey Forest Ubud, Bali

If you want to see a herd of monkeys, Ubud Monkey Forest is the right place to visit. In this place you can meet hundreds of monkeys hanging from trees. Besides monkeys, this place also has 186 types of towering trees which provide you with the cool air which will be very refreshing during the rainy season.

You might feel at home with the atmosphere presented by this Monkey Forest reserve, especially when the rainy season arrives. The sound of rain will offer a unique experience of Bali especially when you visit this protected forest because of the freshness and calmness coming from its humidity. 

Those are three tourist spots that are still fun for you to visit during rainy days in Bali. Even though it gives an exceptional sensation, it’s good to keep your health first during the rainy season. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella or a raincoat to keep yourself warm, and monitor Bali com weather information regularly to find out the weather forecast.