Many questions from travel mates about the difference in using the services of tour & travel agents by traveling alone when wanting to travel. Well, I will explain a few things that could be considered by travel mates, to be able to choose their travel or use the services of tour & travel agents.

Difference 1: Travel Preparation

A trip requires careful preparation, both for facilities, itinerary and budget travel or package prices. For travel mates who choose the services of a tour & travel agent, there is no need to worry and worry because these three things will be explained when you contact an admin or contact person and can be discussed or adjusted. Especially, for travel mates who travel with small groups to large groups because it will certainly be tailored to the needs. The tour & travel agents also have an Open Trip program that will be more economical, leaving travel mates to adjust their departure and return dates.

If you want to plan your trip, you must be careful to estimate all the needs such as the type of transportation, lodging, and travel routes. The challenge is Travelmate must be able to be observant to see the promo regularly because the promo ticket for transportation or hotel is very useful for traveling. Tour & travel agents, also often hold travel package promos, like a Bromo Tour Package.

Before taking a vacation promo package. The simple way is Travelmate can find various information about the tour and travel agent in the social media or various reviews on the website. Ensure that the information provided is correct or that the travel mate can ask to see the CP directly or come to the office/base camp.

Difference 2: Travel Access

The thing that is important but sometimes not realized by travel mates is access from a trip, in some places, this is quite influential. For example in the eastern part of the island of Java, which is famous for its mountain scenery and vehicle rentals, giving tour & travel agents more flexible access. Maybe for travel mates who want to travel alone to several places, the entrance ticket or access will be more expensive or less effective. Sometimes several tourist destinations provide special discounts or prices for tour & travel agents so that your trip becomes easier and more effective. Travelmates just enjoy how to travel from beginning to end, especially when you travel with several members above 10 people.

Well, travel mates have the right and can check various tour & travel agents to compare prices and the quality of services and amenities. Travelmates can discuss with the admin of the agency they will be to achieve the expected price and facilities. However, do not bid too much or ask for discounts too high. Because the agents also work mainly with the local guides, which of course there is a division into various things in supporting travel. If travel mates want to arrange everything themselves, it also doesn’t matter. Admin only wants to remind that TravelMate must be able to predict the unexpected possibilities and prepare in detail for everything. A trip is sure to have ups and downs too and that is what we have to think about and avoid the bad things that can happen.