Do you know the best way to learn and expand your mind? We think it’s traveling! Take a chance to try something absolutely new and adventurous and spend your vacation unforgettably. Take a trip to Denver, Colorado! With Explorer Tours company you’ll go deep into the natural surroundings of the big city and plunge into the inimitable atmosphere.

To do that just book our day trips in Colorado and try a wide range of diverse activities, see the most picturesque vistas over beautiful lakes and green valleys which impress even locals and experienced travelers. Get unbelievable emotions and memories together with a professional team on your amazing weekend in CO!

The tours we arrange

Why is traveling around Colorado a good idea? There are plenty of options for your occupation: you can come here for sightseeing excursions, hiking tours, winter mountain activities, and much more. Our daily tours cover the sightseeing part and imply an adventure to all the main destinations, that tourists and locals highly appreciate. 

There are four travel packages: 

  • RMNP Tour – a trip to the largest and most well-known park in Colorado.
  • Pikes Peak & Garden of the Gods Tour – an opportunity to see the heritage of the region and drive up the scenic windy highway. 
  • Denver Foothills Tours – an observational half-day tour to some incredible locations near Denver. 
  • Mount Evans & Red Rocks Tour – an all-time favorite adventure for people, who like an active pastime. 

Pick any of them and be satisfied with your choice! 

Travel with us 

The Explorer tours team is ready to show you how incredible and unique Colorado is. Our private and daily tours are based on the rule of providing the best customer service, so the guests can enjoy not only the program but comfortable conditions as well. You will just enjoy your adventure without being nervous or concentrated on transportation, water supply, and so on. Take your sunscreen, camera and your party, and let your unforgettable adventure begin!

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