Far from being exhaustive, this article presents some travel itineraries and tips for tourists who prefer to travel by road in Europe. Breathtaking landscapes from the Scandinavian countries to the cultural riches of Greece or Andalusia, here at Collected.Reviews, you will find different ideas for setting off on the roads of Europe and having superb road trips.

A visit to the countries listed below would surely leave you with good memories for the rest of your life.


Iceland is without a doubt our absolute favorite among our road trips in northern Europe! A road trip in Iceland is a permanent discovery of absolutely magnificent landscapes that can only be found here. Cascades majestic, lunar landscapes, glaciers of sight. As a bonus, snow and the Northern Lights in winter, puffin colonies, and the midnight sun in summer! If you love nature and are looking for wide-open spaces and tranquility, a trip to Iceland is a perfect idea for a road trip in Europe.

Iceland is one of the most suitable countries in Europe for road trips. An island neither too big nor too small, a road in very good condition that goes around it and points of interest all more beautiful than the others everywhere! The route to choose is quite simple: go around the island! If the length of your stay does not allow it, stick to a small part of the island. The southern region is the densest in points of interest and the fastest to reach from Reykjavik International Airport under airline reviews.


For a first road trip to Norway, we advise you to discover the south of the country from Oslo. After visiting Oslo, drive along the southern coast of the country to visit Bergen before returning to your starting point via the interior. This route will take you through the path of exceptional hikes such as the Preikestolen with its majestic view over the fjord or the unmissable Trolltunga hike and its rocky tongue suspended above the void. Fishing villages, colorful houses, endless fjords, and glaciers will also stand in your way. A must among European road trips!

Norway is a large country where the trips are quite slow. No motorway, very few trains, and a road network, although in perfect condition, which often crosses mountainous areas or circumvents huge fjords.


Here is our last suggestion for a road trip to the Scandinavian countries of northern Europe. Less touristy than Iceland or Norway, Sweden is not without interest. First, it is a country where the cost of living is much lower than in neighboring countries. And this is not anecdotal when you know the budget for a trip to Iceland or that necessary to stay in Norway. A road trip in Sweden is also the opportunity to make a trip close to nature, in the middle of forests and lakes, most often without the slightest tourist on the horizon. A great idea for a road trip in northern Europe to discover urgently before the country becomes too popular.


A road trip to Ireland will remain one of the most relaxing road trips in Europe! Wild landscapes, cliffs plunging steeply above the ocean, endless countryside and lakes as far as the eye can see. If you are a fan of the great outdoors, small towns, and human-sized travel, go discover Ireland.

In conclusion, you can start your road trip in Ireland by visiting Dublin, a small capital full of charm. From there we can only recommend that you cross the island from east to west to discover County Clare and its famous cliffs of Moher and then continue your road trip in Connemara. To complete this trip, it will also be possible to go through the south of the country through County Cork and why not visit Belfast from Dublin where many trains run daily.