Located on Shaviyani Atoll and dubbed as the “secret water island,” Fairmont Maldives, is not just a private hideaway for those of you who want to enjoy a vacation. The beauty of white sandy beaches around the hotel makes anyone who is there feel enjoy and peaceful. This area also has palm trees that lined neatly on each side of the 600-hectare beach.

Fairmont Maldives is a hotel in the beautiful Maldivian style. The furniture used at this hotel gives a touch of a unique bohemian style. This hotel is a hidden Beach Villas and located in the magpie. Perched above the Indian Ocean, each luxury hotel in Fairmont Maldives has a private pool.

Don’t worry about food if you are staying at this hotel. The hotel provides super delicious local and international cuisine in restaurants that are open all day. With the stunning beach view, you will experience the best dining ever.

If you go a little further around this hotel, you will find Japanese restaurants and Azure, a place where there are fresh seafood and a fish market, which is a daily local catch. And there is also Onu Onu, a place that offers a choice of classic cocktails and light snacks.

Fairmont Maldives also offers Willow Stream Spa. The spa is using the power of natural elements for soothing treatments. It is also claimed to heal the body, mind, and spirit. You will feel more relaxed and calm after the spa session.

Lots of unusual experience offers at Fairmont Maldives. This hotel is very suitable for you who find peace on vacation. You can do many things in this hotel such a romantic picnics to a beautiful island nearby, watch the dolphin and sunset on a private cruise, or joining a variety of exciting and fun water sports. Discover the wonders of the world in the Fairmont Maldives.