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There are several apps for dating, and also several apps for travelling. Nothing beats a dating app with travel features.

Endless chatting ends up being boring, but travelling with someone relieves you of the pressure of constantly looking for new topics to talk about and you can just enjoy your adventure with your travel partner.

While it’s okay to use dating apps while you travel, they are not travel-specific. Check for apps that are meant for dating but are not travel-specific.

According to research, millennials prefer to meet people they would date while travelling. We have seen a lot of long-distance relationships lead to marriage and, in search of such a relationship, some people have gone to great lengths by reading dating site reviews to find the perfect one for them.

Here is a compilation of 7 dating apps for you to meet adventurous singles like yourself.

1. MissTravel:

MissTravel is a place where you can meet people who love travelling just as much as you do. The tagline of the app is “never travel alone”. Once you have a place you want to travel to, you just have to send travel proposals to be members of your group, indicating the location of the place and whether you want the trip to be adventurous, romantic or luxurious.

2. MeetMeOutside:

This new app has been able to take dating from being awkward to being exciting, adventurous. From the name, the app wants you to meet your date outside, instead of the traditional we of chatting for long. People are paired based on their common interest.

3. TourBar:

Many people prefer TourBar because it does not put pressure on you to date. It helps you find people to travel with if you are someone that does not like travelling alone. It can connect you with a local to show you around when you visit a new town. You can also show people around your city if you want to act as a tour guide.

4. TravelMeetDate:

To remove the number of scammers on this app, there is a subscription-based fee. This app is for people that travel a lot, either for work or for fun.You can also include details of your travel for other app users to see. It is a cool app to meet a lover or people to hang out with.

5. HowAboutWe:

This app is known as an “offline dating app”, and you might have heard about it before. On this app, you get to fill in dating ideas like scuba diving and connect with people who have similar interests. If you have no idea about what you want your date to be like, you can check out the ideas of other users and choose the one that you prefer.

6. Skout:

Skout is all about connecting people that have the same interests, even if it is not for a romantic outcome. This can be used anywhere in the world and you can connect to people that are both near and far.

7.     Partake:

This app gives us the ability to control the activities fully and provides intimacy with other users without making you feel the awkward pressure to be romantic. It is not exactly a dating app, but you can meet someone to date on it.

There are several other apps on the internet that you can meet with singles that like an adventure. However, finding the one that suits you might be stressful but one out of these apps will help you find a perfect partner.