If you and your partner decide to get married, but the budget is limited, no need to worry. Planning a wedding with a limited budget is not easy, but it is still possible to be done. One key to stay on budget is cut costs without reducing the beauty of the wedding. Having a party at a hotel can be an alternative. Many hotels provide inexpensive wedding packages, one of which is the Mercure Wedding Hotel Danang.

As long as you are disciplined, know your priorities, and know what you want from a wedding, everything can happen! The following are some ideas and ways to make a low budget wedding party!

1. Avoid Excessive Inviting Guests

Inviting everyone you know is very tempting. Each guest you invite increases the additional costs that you must provide. Besides, the warmth of the wedding party was also reduced because too many people were present.

2. Instead of Requesting Gifts from Friends, Ask for Help

If some friends or relatives are good at singing or playing musical instruments, ask them to appear at the reception. Even better if it turns out, some friends are good at photographing. You can ask your friend to take pictures of you for the pre-wedding session. Of course, it will save the wedding budget.

3. Minimalist Flower Decoration

Instead of wasting money on flowers that will be thrown away after the reception is over, choose a minimalist but elegant flower decoration. If you want to save even more, use fake flowers. No one will pay attention either!

4. Invite relatives and friends to participate in planning a wedding

When you are planning a wedding that is on budget, asks a friend or closest relative you can trust to helps you. They might have good ideas that can help you save money.

5. Plan from far ahead

To make a successful wedding without draining costs, plan ahead. Make a list of plans as much as possible, then review the plan. The earlier it is planned, the more ideas are collected. Stress is also reduced if you plan everything far behind. You will also get more time to find discounts and other best offers.

6. Design Your Invitation Card

With design skills, you and your partner can make invitation cards by yourself. You can also ask your friend to design your wedding invitation cards.