indonesia residence permit must be owned by any foreign citizen currently in Indonesia. Whether a temporary or permanent stay, foreigners must have a residence permit.

The regulation is stated in the Immigration Law number 6 of 2011 in article 48 paragraph 1, that foreigners in Indonesia must have a residence permit. So, what are the types of residence permits in Indonesia?

Types of Residence Permits in Indonesia

Immigration residence permits that can be owned by foreigners in Indonesia and are stated in article 48 include:

  1. Diplomatic Residence Permit

Diplomatic residence permits are granted to foreigners who have diplomatic passports. This Diplomatic Residence Permit is intended to carry out diplomatic tasks in Indonesia.

  1. Official Residence Permit

A service permit is issued for foreigners who already hold a United Nations official (service) passport/Laissez-Passer to carry out non-diplomatic tasks in Indonesia.

  1. Visit Stay Permit (VSP)

VSP can also be called a Visit Visa. This visit visa is usually given to foreign nationals who want to visit Indonesia for the following activities:

  • Tourist
  • Meeting Family
  • Social Events
  • Art and culture
  • Government visits
  • Non-commercial sports
  • Benchmarking or short-term courses
  • Business meeting
  • Buying Indonesian goods or products
  • Giving lectures or attending seminars
  • Participate in International Exhibitions
  • Attending meetings held by the Head Office or Branch Offices in Indonesia
  • Join a transportation company in Indonesia
  • Work with very urgent things

If you are going to sanur bali indonesia for some time, then the residence permit that needs to be taken care of is a visit visa.

  1. Limited Stay Permit/ Izin Tinggal Terbatas (ITAS/KITAS)

KITAS is something that foreigners need to have and can be used if they want to stay temporarily in Indonesia. KITAS will be given to foreigners who have interests such as:

  • For investment purposes;
  • Work as an expert
  • Attend education and training
  • Conduct scientific research
  • Meet spouse holding a limited stay permit
  • Want to meet children from marriage with Indonesian citizens
  • Vessel crew or foreign experts carry out activities in Indonesian waters according to applicable regulations.
  • Foreigners who are legally married to Indonesian citizens
  1. Permanent Stay Permit/Izin Tinggal Tetap (ITAP/KITAP)

Finally, the KITAP is a permit document for foreigners if they want to stay in Indonesia for a long time. The period in the KITAP is 5 years, and foreigners can extend it for an indefinite period as long as the provisions of the residence permit are still valid.

KITAP itself is obtained from the conversion of the Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) status, following the laws and regulations. KITAP can be given to:

– Worker

– Investors

– Families who are married to Indonesian citizens

– Foreigners who are ex-Indonesian citizens have children with dual citizenship; one of them is Indonesian.

The 5 types of residence permits above must be understood by foreign nationals if they wish to live in Indonesia, and must apply for the permit according to the right category.