In the last few years, the trend of coffee consumption in Indonesia has increased very rapidly. The large variety of new types of coffee circulating as well as the emergence of mushroom-like home coffee shops in the rainy season makes this trend unlikely to subside any time soon.

In line with the increasing demand for coffee consumption, the coffee shop business has become one of the most attractive commodities. Apart from high demand, the relatively small amount of capital for this business makes many people interested in pursuing it. to start a business you must determine your target market first, for more information please visit the official website here lcs2 reviews

For those of you who are planning to open a new coffee shop business, you must practice the following tips so that your business can run smoothly:

1. Determine Your Coffee Shop Identity

The increasing number of coffee shops makes consumers have many choices. In order to attract customer interest, you must determine the identity of your coffee shop. This includes the decor, menu and type of service provided.

The more unique your coffee shop is, the more consumer interest will be to stop by there. As a suggestion, make at least two original signature drinks. This will make it easier for consumers to distinguish your shop from other coffee shops.

2. Hire Competent Baristas

The barista is the front guard in charge of maintaining the quality of the coffee served. Regardless of store location and pricing, if you hire a skilled and experienced barista, then customers will naturally come along.

Not only competent and experienced, you also need to make sure that the barista has the same vision as your coffee shop concept and identity. That way, the characteristics of your coffee shop will stand out even more in the eyes of consumers.

3. Find a Strategic Location

The location where you open the coffee shop business greatly affects the frequency of customers who come. Areas with high levels of crowds such as office areas or around shopping centers are the most recommended points. If you haven’t been able to open your own place, opening a tenant at a mall or food court can be an interesting alternative. Apart from having relatively affordable rental fees, these locations are always crowded with visitors.

4. Complete the facilities at your coffee shop

Supporting facilities are one of the considerations for consumers to visit a coffee shop. For that, make sure your shop has a number of facilities that are most sought after by consumers, such as high-speed wifi access, bathrooms, and power outlets.

To keep operating costs safe, you can include service costs in the customer’s bill. If the facilities provided are good, the customer will have no problem spending a little more money.

5. Make sure the coffee pricing is in accordance with your target consumers

Pricing is very important for the continuity of your business. So that the pricing of the coffee products that you sell does not become a burden to consumers, make sure you know the target consumers of your shop.

If you are targeting college students or students, you can use medium quality materials so that pricing for products sold can be suppressed. Meanwhile, if you are targeting coffee enthusiasts and office workers, you can use the best quality materials and install a slightly higher pricing.

From the five tips above, it can be concluded that opening a coffee shop business requires persistence and hard work.

In the midst of the intense competition between coffee shops today, you are required to always be creative and prioritize quality. If not, get ready to be drowned out by the presence of other more interesting coffee shops.