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Months after COVID-19 infection, children can endure a range of symptoms, together with trouble breathing. A new UW research of senior companies in Washington in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic reveals providers’ issues about isolation, and worsening psychological and physical health among older adults. To understand how the UW’s transition to online-only lessons affected school students’ mental health within the spring of 2020, UW researchers surveyed 147 UW undergraduates over the 2020 spring quarter.

  • A new study finds that aiming to wait simply 60 seconds to clamp the umbilical wire of very premature babies at birth continues to have benefits two years on – lowering the child’s threat of demise …
  • Donor kidney recipient Maria Madrigal was suffering from multidrug-resistant micro organism; an emerging therapy called phage remedy proved to be the remedy.
  • A 10-day course of fluvoxamine sharply reduced hospital visits and deaths, raising hopes for an easy
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