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Love animals and enjoy nature? You would like to choose this options. Yes, you can visit the Zoo. Not an ordinary one, but the special and mesmerizing Singapore Zoo.

At this place, you will get guaranteed unforgettable experiences. Why? Because at the Singapore Zoo, not only can you spend a whole day at this place, but also do some leisure activities with your beloved ones and your families.

Providing you with a variety of animals from around the world, Singapore Zoo will give you another experience to do. Let’s see what you can do in this wonderful place! You can find Singapore Zoo voucher via Traveloka for various interesting promos.

Get Closer and Feed the Animals

Fun things to do in Singapore Zoo, you can feed the animals and feel the excitement as the animals eat the food out of your hand. There are your favourite animals, such as elephants, giraffes, goats, white rhinoceros, and the famous giant tortoises.

The zoo will provide you with feeding cups or baskets by the time you get there first to enjoy these activities. The good thing is you will directly contribute to helping fundraising Zoo wildlife conservation in the region.

Enjoy the Wildlife Tours

Next, you can enjoy the nature and wildlife feeling by getting into the Singapore Zoo’s Wildlife Tours. The zoo provides you to experience their most popular animal exhibits for your families.

There are two options you can choose, the Private Buggy Tour or RepTopia Tour. By choosing a Private Buggy Tour, you can bring up to five family members coming with you to enjoy the animal exhibits and fun facts, and also the VIP treatment with a reserved special show.

How about the RepTopia Tour? You will observe and get close to amazing reptiles and their habitats. The best part is, you can also feed them at the feeding sessions.

Chit-Chat with the Keepers

What is the best thing you can get from Singapore Zoo? Yes, the interactive session with their zookeepers. You can hear interesting quirks of the animals and do some talk with the keepers at the exhibits.

Don’t worry, the keepers will provide you with as many facts as you want to know about animals, zoos, even the wildlife. Maybe you want to know about the famous Orangutan? Yes, you can get the facts by Chit-Chat with the Keepers.

Get Attached and Learn from ‘For Kids Activities’

Especially for your kids, Singapore Zoo will provide you with For Kids activities. There are many things you can do in this area and attraction and it’s the best thing to do because it will provide the best experience environment for kids’ learning.

You can head over with your kids to a nature with rope course at Houbii Rope Course and do some climbing and swinging activities at For Kids Activities Attractions. Last but not least, you and your kids will get experienced to care for animals at Animal Friends Show also in For Kids Activities.

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