When I talk about dry skin, I am not talking about a skin which is a bit dry and darker here and there. For me, dry skin is the one which is painfully itchy, something which tears apart from the joints even when they are bent a little too far.
Whether you take the over the counter moisturizing lotions or get them prescribed by some doctor they work for a little bit. Thus the dryness returns as soon as your skin gets used to the lotion or it gets washed.
Below is an account of some tried and tested ways to keep your skin moisturized and prevented dryness. Try these out and let others know as well.

1. Drink a lot of water
Your skin tells about the condition of your body. Dry skin often is an indication of dehydration. The best indication of dehydration is when your skin feels tight and itchy; you can try to drink a bit more water than you usually do. Try it for few days, and you will see the clear difference in your skin.

2. Do not take a shower every day!
Well, showering is the first thing to do in the morning. We all know and practice it since we were small. Besides being refreshing, it is not considered good for your skin. Yes, believe it or not, showering everyday dulls your skin.
The soaps we use during the shower actually take away all the natural oils out of your skin. It is thus necessary to use a moisturizer after you take a shower. If you shower every alternate day, you will feel that the moisture of your skin is retained. Most of the experts say that you should shower whenever you need to take a shower or whenever you feel yourself dirty.

3. Milk, the secret moisturizer
Milk is often known to be rich in calcium. Experts say that Milk also contains lactic acid which is the secret moisturizer for your skin. Lactic acid has the properties to repair the dead skin and keep it healthy. Milk also helps to resolve itchiness that you get when your skin is dry.
A few experts also recommend that you should take a washcloth, dampen it with milk and wipe it on the dry patches of your skin. Pat them dry and you will feel a noticeable difference in your dryness.

4. Honey and oil
Ohh!! Honey and oil, when combined can turn into quite a sticky thing but trust me this works wonders. You can take equal amounts of honey and olive oil ( or coconut oil), mix them together so that it has the consistency of a rich lotion. Apply this mixture to the dry patches of your skin and leave for five minutes. You can use a use a warm and damp wash cloth to wipe the area.

Honey and oil both are natural moisturizers that retain the oil balance of your skin. Honey also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help to restore the oil balance of the skin making it smooth and soft.