Everyone wants to do vacation at a unique place, but very lazy to go to an area that is always crowded with tourists. This time we will provide several hotels that are mandatory for you to book:

The following are some of the best hotels in Myanmar

1. Grand Mercure Golden Empire

Grand Mercure Golden Empire is the best Hotel with good facilities, service, and decoration. At this Hotel, the service is very good, the staff has a very good response. Located at 1 Corner of Myittar & Tahkin Pho Hla Gyi Road, Yangon 11901, Myanmar, this Hotel is not too far from tourist attractions and airports. Then, very good employees in all departments will make the customer feel special politely welcomed. This Hotel offered a room with an interior design that is a very spacious, attractive, pleasant, clean room and, of course, a large and beautiful swimming pool. Of course in this Hotel has a price that will be equivalent to the facilities obtained. You can directly come or place an order through this website https://www.grandmercureyangongoldenempire.com/

2. Sanctuary Hotel Yangon

Sanctuary Hotel Yangon is a hotel that is not located in the center of the city but has many promotions offered to customers. The Hotel is good and has employees who are very helpful and efficient, but the rooms provided are not in line with expectations. However, the room is still clean and comfortable to live in. The hallway to the room has a very beautiful interior design, and a bar. Here customers get snacks for free. This hotel is also very close to the airport and vacation tours.

3. Merchant Art Hotel

Merchant Art Hotel is a hotel that provides facilities such as rooms, restaurants, property, and swimming pools, and many more. The hotel also has rooms for families with a big sise room, complete with a large selection of food. This hotel is close to the airport and tourist attractions. The Hotel has very friendly and helpful employees. Around the hotel,l there are many restaurants and snack vendors to try. The price is still in accordance with the expectations of the customer and has a view of the pagoda that can be seen through the room.