Are you a Road Trip Lover? Exciting Places You Should Visit in Europe.

Far from being exhaustive, this article presents some travel itineraries and tips for tourists who prefer to travel by road in Europe. Breathtaking landscapes from the Scandinavian countries to the cultural riches of Greece or Andalusia, here at Collected.Reviews, you will find different ideas for setting off on the roads of Europe and having superb road trips.

A visit to the countries listed below would surely leave you with good memories for the rest of your life.


Iceland is without a doubt our absolute favorite among our road trips in northern Europe! A road trip in Iceland is a permanent discovery of absolutely magnificent landscapes that can only be found here. Cascades majestic, lunar landscapes, glaciers of sight. As a bonus, snow and the Northern Lights in winter, puffin colonies, and the midnight sun in summer! If you love nature and are looking for wide-open spaces and tranquility, …

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