Six Surprising Reasons Telling About The Benefits Of Water To Your Body

Water gives life. It is essential and required for the survival of every creature i.e., for animals, human beings, plants, insects.  All of us understand about the worth of consuming water, also very simply lay stress on, in case of not drinking adequate liquids, you will not survive. Then again, knowing the particular whys and wherefores of consuming water is necessary for you. Factually, there are a whole heap of reasons telling about the goodness of water for you i.e., for the improvement of health of brain, to aid in dissolving of soluble fibers and fats, additionally following are some of the chief advantages that water provides to your body:

  1. Maintenance of your body fluids by consuming adequate water:

Nearly 60 % of water is the amount of which the body is comprised of, which is being utilized for the fulfillment of numerous tasks. In accordance with the research, these are inclusive of the formation of saliva, controlling the temperature of the body, digestion, absorption of food as well as the carriage of nutrients through the body all over.

  1. It is capable of making you feel full for longer:

Depending on water is not suggested at all, but water, in the combination of food has the tendency to give you feeling of fullness, rapidly. In this way, you will be going to consume less, and consequently shedding pounds.

  1. It supports the in your radiant looking skin:

Prevention of the loss of water can be aided by your skin, however when you are running short of the adequate amount of water, your skin can show dryness and wrinkles— providing your body with adequate water will, consequently, let you appearing glowing.

  1. It Promotes the functioning of your brain:

A healthy body needs a healthy functioning mind. There is a huge participation of water in the formation of your brain, hence the functioning of your brain can be at its complete potential when you consume a good deal of water, assisting you to pay heed to improve and making healthier your levels of concentration. More than a few problems, inclusive of efforts to concentrate, loss of memory, as well as issues with your sleep, can be the outcome of the inadequacy of water.

  1. It Abolishes sicknesses caused by dehydration:

Dehydration can often result in joint pain, Headaches, and cramps. Thus consumption of water will assist to ease these symptoms. Also, Dehydration can result in weakness and fatigue due to which you might lose interest in many of your everyday tasks thus it can make life dull and boring.

  1. It excretes out waste:

In order to function properly, i.e., for the digestion, absorption, transportation of the nutrients as well as the excretion of waste and necessary materials out from the body, the gastrointestinal tract requires sufficient water. Excretion of waste material, when not done properly, can cause serious problems to your body as it welcomes the accumulation of poisonous substances within your body thereby causing toxicity.


When I talk about dry skin, I am not talking about a skin which is a bit dry and darker here and there. For me, dry skin is the one which is painfully itchy, something which tears apart from the joints even when they are bent a little too far.
Whether you take the over the counter moisturizing lotions or get them prescribed by some doctor they work for a little bit. Thus the dryness returns as soon as your skin gets used to the lotion or it gets washed.
Below is an account of some tried and tested ways to keep your skin moisturized and prevented dryness. Try these out and let others know as well.

1. Drink a lot of water
Your skin tells about the condition of your body. Dry skin often is an indication of dehydration. The best indication of dehydration is when your skin feels tight and itchy; you can try to drink a bit more water than you usually do. Try it for few days, and you will see the clear difference in your skin.

2. Do not take a shower every day!
Well, showering is the first thing to do in the morning. We all know and practice it since we were small. Besides being refreshing, it is not considered good for your skin. Yes, believe it or not, showering everyday dulls your skin.
The soaps we use during the shower actually take away all the natural oils out of your skin. It is thus necessary to use a moisturizer after you take a shower. If you shower every alternate day, you will feel that the moisture of your skin is retained. Most of the experts say that you should shower whenever you need to take a shower or whenever you feel yourself dirty.

3. Milk, the secret moisturizer
Milk is often known to be rich in calcium. Experts say that Milk also contains lactic acid which is the secret moisturizer for your skin. Lactic acid has the properties to repair the dead skin and keep it healthy. Milk also helps to resolve itchiness that you get when your skin is dry.
A few experts also recommend that you should take a washcloth, dampen it with milk and wipe it on the dry patches of your skin. Pat them dry and you will feel a noticeable difference in your dryness.

4. Honey and oil
Ohh!! Honey and oil, when combined can turn into quite a sticky thing but trust me this works wonders. You can take equal amounts of honey and olive oil ( or coconut oil), mix them together so that it has the consistency of a rich lotion. Apply this mixture to the dry patches of your skin and leave for five minutes. You can use a use a warm and damp wash cloth to wipe the area.

Honey and oil both are natural moisturizers that retain the oil balance of your skin. Honey also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can help to restore the oil balance of the skin making it smooth and soft.

Do You Know Which Organs Can One Live Without? – Get Ready To Be Surprised

We all have heard stories about people who have donated their organs and still function properly all through their life. We have heard about individuals who work with one kidney and live a very fulfilling and complete life. All they have to do is to have a positive attitude towards life and have the will power to face the challenges that come their way. In this article, we are going to list those vital organs that are mere spare parts in our bodies and without which we can function appropriately and efficiently all through our lives.

  1. Heart

You can live without your heart. When a person goes for a heart transplant, his heart is removed, and an artificial heart is put into the chest that pumps the blood in and out of the body. All he has to do is to carry a device that held a power source for the artificial heart. Thus this artificial heart keeps him alive until he gets a transplant. It also reduces complications and improved the recovery time after transplant.

  1. Brain

There are people in this world who are born without a brain, literally. This condition os called hydranencephaly. It is a very rare disorder in which people are born without a cerebral cortex and sometimes without a part of the brain stem.  Although doctors are not giving much hope to these kinds of patients, however, some live well above six years with life support.

  1. Bones

Doctors also do not give much support and hope to the patients born without bones. This condition is called hypophosphatasia. In this condition, the patient has no skull to keep the pressure off the brain, no ribs, and no bones what to ever.

Thus we can see that bones are not that integral part of our bodies. We can function well without them. A girl was born to the Amador family, and she had this condition called hypophosphatasia in which she had no skull, no ribs and no bones what so ever. The doctors did not give the family much hope however the family wanted to go for a clinical trial for their baby. After the clinical trial, they found out that the baby has an enzyme that can promote the growth of bones. After six years of intense treatment, she not only had her own original bones but also began to learn dancing.

  1. Stomach

It is also completely possible for a person to live without a stomach. Although it is done in extreme scenarios, however, it does happen that a person’s stomach is either removed partially or completely. It mostly happens in the case of stomach cancer or other stomach related disorders in which it is entirely impossible to treat with the presence of stomach.

In these scenarios, the small intestine is directly connected to the esophagus which allows the person to eat in small meals. The patient is likely to put on special vitamin supplements to make up for his body requirements.


Stay Groomed And Stylish At Affordable Rates

Many of us would like to prove once and for all that we have good taste, but the budget barrier makes us rethink our motivations, and instead of trying, we end up with despair and resignation. These are some tips that will make you look fashionable without breaking your budget:

Your kind of fashion style

Chances are if a person has less money for shopping, he or she spends more on cheaper clothes than buying one or two exquisite sweaters. And this breeds unhappiness in the long run. So, instead of mindlessly stuffing your shopping cart with cheap shirts and pants, think for a minute: do you really want to buy that inexpensive sweater you already don’t like?

Decide the kind of look you want to go for.

Evaluate your wardrobe

Is your closet full of clothes that are rarely worn(or worse, never used)? Look at your closet and face reality: you have accumulated things you don’t use.

Is there monotony? Do you have zero green colors? How is your shoe collection? Are they all sneakers?

As you are already set on the kind of style you want. Go through your whole wardrobe and collect things that are just not for you anymore. You can even use them to generate more cash.

For sale

It is really simple: sell the items you can do without. There are many places to do this. You can even sell stuff in online Facebook groups. Send them to your friends, maybe that is your market.

Otherwise, donate them to a charity.

Buy classy things

What you actually need is a wardrobe made up of clothes that are quality assured and not cheap flea market things. A small closet of good clothes is a wiser choice.  No one needs an enormous wardrobe of ill-looking garbage wear.

Make a list of all the classy things you need in your closet. For instance, for a woman, it could be a sari or an evening dress. For a man; it could be a dinner jacket or even a suit.

Prefer high-quality things that can undergo a hundred washings and still live than poor materials.

Examine your budget

In the end, it all comes down to this, take a hard, long look at your spending habits. Look at the areas that can afford a bit of cut down. Why should you eat out when you can have a hygienic meal at home? And you also do not need to pay for cable when you can watch everything you need on the internet.

A few cut- downs can leave you with a bit of extra cash that might facilitate your closet.

Shop on SALE days

Try going on shopping sprees when stores have sale days with 30 or 40% off signs. Also, visit thrift stores, and you might even fall in love with them. All you need for this is some extra energy to explore!

Buy intelligently

Lastly, never buy something just because it is part of some recent fashion craze. Does it go with your style? If not, do not buy it. Re-examine the basics. Living on a budget does not have to be a dreadful experience. You just need to be smarter with your choices and, of course, money.

Happy shopping!

Make Your Face Wrinkle Free With The Best Range Of Cosmetic Products

These days, wrinkles and lines have drawn attention of a large number of women, due to which their stress has increased and they are not able to focus on other things. So, keeping this in mind many doctors and skin experts are working together on different materials. This will help in reducing your wrinkles and will bring glow back on your skin. In fact, there are a number of skin treatments also that you can go for, but they are very costly and painful. So, instead of opting for treatment, you can take the help of anti aging creams. They will show the best result and are quite affordable.

Story of Christie Brinkley and her skin

There are many anti aging creams that have gained wide popularity because of actresses as they used them to maintain their skin. They do not only use them, but many of them have also launched their own cosmetic products and anti aging cream. Christie Brinkley is one of them, this supermodel launched her own products and she used the same for getting beautiful and glowing skin. Her real secret for getting wrinkle free face was anti aging day cream, that she used daily after washing her face.  So, if you are also looking for the best cream then you must go for Christie Brinkley anti aging wrinkle cream.

Main products of Christie cosmetic range

The main product of her cosmetic range is the Recapture 360 anti aging cream with IR defense. This day cream was fully responsible for her beautiful skin. This cream has the best ingredients that will help in reducing your wrinkles and lines from the face. The cream contains Bio-copper that helps in boosting the skin cells and it also keeps your skin hydrated by promoting skin hydration process. This anti aging cream works in two different manners, first it helps in locking the moisture in your skin and secondly, it acts as a protective cover against ultraviolet rays and other harmful rays that can damage your skin. It also helps in improving skin’s elasticity and protects your skin from different signs of aging.

The main ingredients of this cream are Essenskin, Mitostime, Aquaxyl, Vederine, Phormistim G, Elix-IR, Vitamin C, Neodermyl and Systenol A. This cream also performs many other functions such as it helps in correcting the uneven skin tone, helps in reducing the dark spots, tightens the skin cells and skin pores, prevents environmental damage and many more.

Other products that Christie used along with cream

Along, with the cream this Celeb also used some other products as well. Following is the list of the products that you can opt for:

  • Under eye wrinkle reducer that will help in reducing the wrinkles and will also decrease the puffiness of eyes.
  • Firming treatment for décolleté and neck, this will help you in reducing the wrinkles from the neck and other related areas.
  • Anti aging serum that will help in correcting the appearance of the skin and will help in reducing the visibility of wrinkles, pores and lines.
  • Radiance facial oil that will support your skin and will help in overcoming the discoloration of the skin.